Mr. Robot Season 3 : Everything You Know

Mr. Robot Season 3 : Everything You Know

How about Mr. Robot? From the creative mind of Sam Esmail, #MrRobot is the groundbreaking drama on USA network that will have you questioning everything you think you know about society. Your democracy has been hacked, but we've infiltrated the network to unearth everything you need to know about the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning show.
We've set aside exactly 6 minutes and 54 seconds for this conversation, so it's in both of our best interests that we start talking about what's really going on in the world of Mr. Robot. You can trust me.

Mr. Robot Season 3 News & Rumors

You want to talk about reality? We live in a world built on fantasy. You'd have to dig pretty deep before you can find anything real, but the Mr. Robot Season 3 news and rumors are out there — if you know where to look. Don't worry, I'll help you this time. We are all together now, whether you like it or not.
Updated 8/3/2018

Mr. Robot Season 3 Trailer

Our backdoor hack has finally breached the network firewall and we've got the Mr. Robot Season 3 trailer safe in our possession. The question now though, is do you have the time? The clock is ticking.
The circle is almost complete, friends. The final pieces are now in play and the battle between the major Mr. Robot players will begin this fall. fsociety's war cry is none other than Leonard Cohen's "Democracy," whose lyrics once praised the last bastion of American freedom. This time, they are fsociety's threatening declaration to dismantle E Corp with one final blow — "Democracy is coming to the USA."

Previous Mr. Robot News

Mr. Robot Season 3 Confirmed For October, New Cast Members Added To Roster
Chat rooms and dark web activity have been quiet these days, with little to no directives from f_society, don't you agree? That is, until the servers started lighting up just a few days ago with new information: Mr. Robot Season 3 will return October 11, 2017. While the hacking community had initial hopes for a summer release, a push back to fall just means we'll have more time to prepare for the execution of Phase 2.
In addition to taking on another 10-episode season this year, Sam Esmail is adding a few more players to the board, with Boardwalk Empire's Bobby Cannavale as well as confirming BD Wong for the ensemble cast.

Bobby Cannavale plays Irving, a used car salesman of few words but big importance for Elliot as we move forward with his narrative in Season 3. Additionally, confirmation of BD Wong's Whiterose as a season regular means we're likely to see more of the Dark Army and the influence of the Chinese hacking collective as the next plans to eradicate E Corp moves forward.